Authenticating Chrome Hearts || 3 Ways to Know for Sure!

In this article, Roller will walk you through a 3-Step deduction method that you can use to know if the Chrome Hearts you’re working with is fake or authentic.

As we approach 2024 with the rising popularity of luxury brands, the counterfeiting industry grows quietly in the shadows- doing all it can to keep up with demand. Although there are definitely buyers out there who understand the implications of a $30 Chrome Hearts Malibu Horseshoe Logo Zip-Up, I would still argue that the most profitable counterfeiters are relying on their buyers being unaware and uniformed. So don’t be naive! Lets get into it how to protect yourself:

1. Flaw Number One: Check Those Wash Tags!

Resource: Cruz Greico on YouTube link HERE

Inspecting the internal tags of Chrome Hearts items has historically been the easiest way to spot fakes vs authentics. For some reason- these guys can’t get the tags right. These guys just can’t seem to replicate the fine details that Chrome Hearts puts into their clothes. Easiest flaws to spot on FAKE tags:

  • (R) Registered Emblem by the Hearts final letter, to the right of the S.
  • Stitching on the tags is butchered.
  • Font inconsistencies.

2. Flaw Number Two: Don’t Forget Barcode the Tags-

What you’re looking at is a picture of Authentic CH Barcode Tags. When it comes to the fake tags, there are a few things that stand out. Let’s talk about it. Easiest ways to spot FAKES by Barcode:

  • Google the barcode! Does the item match your search results? Huge giveaway.
  • Also, often the dash (“-“) and the digits that follow consist of smaller text than the corresponding authentic characters should.
  • Be sure to compare the horizontal stitching below the “CH” with real photos online, the stitching is usually pretty sloppy on the fakes.

3. Number Three: Scroll Stamp on Neck-

  • When it comes to the scroll stamp on the piece, often the text is too small.
  • Make sure to compare and contrast your piece with few examples online from reputable sellers. You can shop our Pre-Authenticated Chrome Hearts collection HERE

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