Gallery Dept. Upside Down Hoodie


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–  Gallery Dept.
–  Used wear around pocket
–  Size Medium

Unveil a true collector’s gem with the exceptionally rare Gallery Dept. Upside Down Logo Hoodie, a sought-after OG piece from a sold-out collection, now exclusively available through the esteemed seller weareroller. This hoodie embodies an avant-garde aesthetic, featuring the captivating upside-down logo that defies convention and exudes individuality. weareroller, known for their unwavering commitment to authenticity and trustworthiness, ensures the genuine nature of this extraordinary find. Elevate your style with this unique and elusive hoodie, a symbol of both fashion-forward innovation and unparalleled reliability. Embrace the fusion of rarity, artistry, and trust as you add this Gallery Dept. masterpiece to your curated collection.




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