scroll & dagger tee

  • Front of Chrome Hearts Gray Dagger Zip-up Hoodie

    –  Chrome Hearts Gray Plus Logo Dagger Zip-Up
    –  New
    –  Men’s US S (Fits Like M) // EU 48-50

    Everybody is looking for this Exclusive Chrome Hearts Plus Logo Dagger Zip-Up; find it in Gray, as well as Pink and Green here at Roller.  New condition with slight cracking up close, the Zip-Up came like that due to excessive graphics detail. Act fast and add this Rare piece to your closet collection before someone else does, and be sure to shop for more at WeAreRoller.

  • Vintage 90's Chrome Hearts Maxfield Scroll/Dagger Tee in white Out of Stock

    –  90’s Maxfield x Chrome Hearts Scroll Dagger Tee
    –  New
    –  Men’s US M // EU 58-50

    Unveil the allure of this classic Chrome Hearts Scroll & Dagger collector’s piece, a timeless Tee that seamlessly merges comfort with distinctive style. Available at Weareroller, your trusted secondhand shop, this rare and classic find invites you to embrace the bold aesthetic that Chrome Hearts is renowned for. You won’t find a 90’s Tee in this condition again.